Eric Pelletier

Eric Pelletier actual reasearch focuses on exploring functional repertoire of microbial planktonic organisms and communities through genomics data analysis and modelling (climbing the omics complexity ladder, from reads to communities).

This covers a broad range of interest :

  • Identification of genes encoding for specific patterns of biological functions
  • Modelisation metabolic behaviour of organisms and/or communities
  • Exploration of the relationships between communities and environmental characteristics
  • Exploration of the distribution and expression of genes of unknown functions

Past experiences


After having been involved in the Human Genome Project, he specialized since 2001 in environmental genomic of prokaryotes (waste water plants, soils, intestinal tract). He participate in the MetaHit project that produced the first bacterial gene catalogue from the human gut.
1991-1997 PhD thesis (Pasteur Institute, Paris, France)
Project : Immune response in-vivo dynamics during HIV/SIV infection.