Morgan Gaïa

I am an evolutionary microbiologist interested in viruses and their evolutionary relationships to cellular organisms. I obtained my PhD in Microbiology in December 2013 at Aix-Marseille University in Pr. La Scola’s group, on the isolation and characterization of new giant viruses and related virophages. I then joined Patrick Forterre’s group (Institut Pasteur / Paris-Saclay University) until late 2019 to work on the Tree of Life and the co-evolution between giant viruses and eukaryotes, essentially through phylogenetic and phylogenomic approaches. After two years of postdoc in the LAGE group, I joined the team as a permanent researcher to study the evolutionary, functional, and biogeographical interactions between eukaryotes and their viruses, notably giant viruses.

Evolutionary and functional interactions between eukaryotes and their viruses

Since their discovery in 2003, giant viruses regularly draw the attention of the scientific community over their stunning features, from giant viral particles and genomes to their genomic content. They have shaken the very definition of viruses and led to new concepts, such as the virocell. They nonetheless seem particularly abundant in many environments, especially aquatic ones. They belong to the Nucleocytoviricota (formerly known as the NucleoCytoplasmic Large Dna Virus, or NCLDV assemblage), a group that perfectly illustrates a new vision of the viral world, much wider than before: indeed, the Nucleocytoviricota collectively infect the entire eukaryotic diversity, from marine protists to mammals. Some are infamous for their associated pathologies, such as the Smallpox or the swine fever; others for their implication in important ecologic cycles, notably the carbon pump. They however share an ancient common origin: they could have notably played a major role in the emergence of modern eukaryotes (the viral eukaryogenesis hypothesis), highlighting the often underestimated importance of viruses and cells co-evolution in shaping the diversity of life on our planet. 

This project aims at deciphering the evolutionary and functional interactions between eukaryotes, giant viruses and related elements by leveraging large metagenomic and metatranscriptomic resources. It notably involves exploring the origin and evolution of Nucleocytoviricota and related viruses, the Tree of Life, and the horizontal transfers between viruses and their hosts.

Other LAGE members involved : Tom Delmont, Eric Pelletier, Olivier Jaillon.

Past experiences

2021-nowResearch Scientist (Genoscope, Laboratory of genomic analysis of eukaryotes)
Project: Evolutionary and functional interactions between eukaryotes and their viruses
Research group: Dr. Patrick Wincker
2019-2021Post-doctoral researcher (Genoscope, Laboratory of genomic analysis of eukaryotes)
Project: Evolutionary and functional analyses of marine eukaryotes and giant viruses
Research group:  Dr. Patrick Wincker
2014-2019Post-doctoral researcher (Molecular Biology of Extremophiles; Institut Pasteur – I2BC; Univ. Paris-Sud)
Project 1: Tree of Life reconstruction
Project 2: Evolutionary relationships between giant viruses and eukaryotes
Research group: Pr. Patrick Forterre
2010-2013PhD thesis (Infectious and Emerging Tropical Diseases Research Unit – URMITE; Aix-Marseille Université; France)
Project : Isolation and characterisation of giant viruses and virophages – Director : Pr. Bernard La Scola


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